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Q3 Trend Report

Q3 Trend Report: Driving Innovation in Independent Retail

Trend Report: Inflation's Impact on Customer Spending


Q2 Trend Report: Consumers Are Buying Less, but Spending More

What is the data telling us about the current landscape of the retail convenience market?

Q2 Trend Report
From the Cold Vault

From the Cold Vault: 2020 Juice Trends

Skupos has examined trends within the juice category to provide brands with a glimpse into what can be uncovered utilizing actionable insights from independent convenience retail. This report focuses on juice sales and promotions, broken down by brands, regions, and flavors.


COVID 19's Impact on the Convenience Retail Market

2020 has been filled with uncertainty — and as the United States continues to fight COVID-19, Skupos is continuing to monitor overall trends within the convenience store industry.

Covid-19 Report

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