About Skupos

Skupos is the data platform for the convenience retail industry.

  • For convenience retailers, we enable our retailers to achieve improved financial outcomes with technology. Retailers on our platform grow revenue with scan data programs, compete on price with brand-funded discounts and optimize sales with real-time analytics.
  • For distributors, we automate supply chain through predictive ordering so you can be more confident in each delivery, reducing or eliminating out-of-stocks and returns.
  • For CPG brands, we drive value by creating a full picture of your consumers across the nation, enabling and tracking promotional spend at point of sale.


The leadership team at Skupos is led by founder Jake Bolling, CEO. The team brings direct experience from the retail and CPG sectors which has helped drive the company’s rapid expansion to date. The greater Skupos management team brings a wide range of diverse experience from companies like:


After running a CPG company widely distributed across the convenience retail channel, Jake and Mike realized they’d identified a gap in the availability of data within the supply chain. To solve this, they decided to team up with co-founder and CTO, Linh Nguyen, and started Skupos.

Dec 2015
Skupos team formed
Mar 2016
Joined logistics accelerator (Chattanooga TN)
Oct 2016
Received $4M in VC seed funding and relocated HQ to San Francisco
May 2018
Denver office opened to expand the Sales & Customer Experience teams
Aug 2018
Skupos closed $6M in Series A funding
Oct 2018
Skupos became the largest third-party provider of scan data in convenience retail
Mar 2019
Skupos officially started supporting stores in all 50 U.S. states, with new retailers in Alaska
Jun 2019
Skupos closed $26M in Series B funding


Skupos connects CPG brands to more than 10,000 convenience retailers ranging in size from single-site operators to large chains, including many that work under the following fuel brands:

Skupos covers all 50 states in the U.S. with a broad network of retail locations, processing data in real time to drive improved value for the entire ecosystem.