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Skupos Partners & Friends,
Refer a Retailer

Earn $50 for every referral that purchases a Skupos account

Partner Referrals

At Skupos, we have made it our mission to connect brands, distributors, independent retailers and consumers, all with one platform. By referring a retailer, you’ll provide them access to valuable scan data programs and brand-funded discounts that will help their business grow in this highly competitive market.

How it works

It's easy - get paid with three quick steps!

1 Fill out the form below

2 We'll contact your referral

3 Receive $50 e-Gift card*

*If your referral purchases a Skupos account, you’ll receive a $50 e-Gift card sent directly to your business email. If the store you referred is already a Skupos customer or has already been referred, a gift card will not be sent.

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