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Our story

Several years ago, co-founder and CEO Jake Bolling owned a consumer packaged goods company distributing to the convenience retail industry when he realized he had a problem: he was operating blindly without true data on how his product was performing. As he met with other industry cohorts, he learned that this problem spanned far beyond his own organization and into Fortune 100 brands alike. A complete void of data existed on product placement, pricing, and consumer behavior across the entire c-store industry.

He took action, and Skupos was founded.

Since 2016, Skupos has served as the only platform to fully connect the convenience retail value chain. Skupos sits at the point of sale across a network of tens of thousands of retailers, focusing primarily on independents and small chains.

We are excited to come to work every day, because we are deeply proud to help both sides of this market compete in ways never possible before.

Our technology allows brands to create direct connections to their c-store customers, and understand how consumers engage with their products. Further, and equally important, our technology gives smaller retailers access to brand programs and discounts that they previously had to fund on their own. These small businesses can finally compete without hurting their bottom line revenue.

From our offices in San Francisco and Denver, we are working tirelessly to help our customers harness the power of data to work together, and to work smarter. We hope you’ll take part in our journey.

America's Largest Independent C-Store Network

Welcome to America’s largest independent c-store network

Independent convenience stores and small chains were once untapped territory—the silent majority of the industry. Today, we have connected a growing number of thousands of stores across the nation to CPG brands.


The captains of commerce

Jake Bolling

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Christine Shriver

Chief Revenue Officer

Jonathan Czaja

Chief Operating Officer

Charlie Lang

Chief Product Officer

Greg Fox

Vice President, Sales

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