Rethinking C-Store Operations.

SKUPOS provides convenience stores, distributors, and brands with a clear view into real-time inventory, ordering, sales, and provides critically-timed marketing opportunities.

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Tools for every aspect of retail distribution.

Life is better when we work together. That’s why we developed tools for retailers, distributors, and brands to ensure processes are seamless from end-to-end.

For C-Stores

By integrating with your existing point-of-sale register, we help you manage inventory and ordering from multiple distributors and boost in-store sales performance. Spend time with your customers and leave the complexity to us.

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For Distributors

SKUPOS provides real-time inventory insight into all of your accounts, providing clarity into customer needs before they happen. Empower your organization with sales, ordering, and product data: be proactive, not reactive.

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For Brands

Retail sales data in this $700bn industry does not have to be a black hole. SKUPOS shines a light on real-time SKU-level sales data, providing the tools to optimize your sales strategy across the largest segment of US retail.

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See how we can optimize
your operations.

Manage Everything, Anywhere

SKUPOS provides the power of information, right at your fingertips. Monitor store sales in real-time, catch critical issues, and rest easy.

Real Time Inventory Management

SKUPOS automates inventory management, providing retailers and distributors with a clear view into real-time inventory and ordering.

SKU-Based Sales Data + Analytics

SKUPOS analyzes real-time sales data, providing forecasted merchandise requirements to the retailers, while giving brands a granular view into their product performance.

What our clients say about us.

C-store distribution is complex. That’s why we've developed tools for convenience stores, brands, & distributors, to ensure processes are seamless from end-to-end.

SKUPOS has provided me with an easy way to manage day-to-day tasks for the store that were time consuming before. Now I'm more efficient, saving time and money.

Convenience Store Manager

Prior to SKUPOS, I lacked the resources to garner insight into our product movement in the c-store channel. Now I have clear insights to make marketing and operational decisions.

Marketing Director, CPG Brand

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