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Webinar: The Data You Need to Win in Independent Convenience Retail

The independent convenience retail channel is massive for CPG brands, yet one of the most challenging markets to master due to its fragmented nature. And while single stores and small chains make up nearly 80% of the convenience retail locations, visibility into this $8B market is lacking.700

We’ve got some good news - tapping into the power of Skupos’ network of over 15,000 independent stores, we’re here to provide insight into this hard-to-access segment of the industry. 

In this webinar, you'll get a glimpse of:

  • How inflation is impacting the independent convenience market 
  • Top product launches in the space (and how quickly their distribution ramped) 
  • Different dashboards that can inform category managers, including real data focusing on assortment, pricing, and promotions 

As CPG brands look for ways to stand out, it's becoming imperative to use data in order to make smart decisions.

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