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Webinar: Tracking CPG Promotions in Independent Convenience Retail

In this webinar, Zachary Kimball, VP of Strategy and Growth at Skupos, Inc., will provide CPG brands with exclusive data insights on pricing and promotions in the independent convenience retail market. And as single stores and small chains make up nearly 80% of the market, this isn't a segment to be ignored.

Tune in to learn more about:

  • Are promotions in convenience retail paying off?
  • When discounts are available, are consumers taking advantage of them?
  • What is the difference in sales between discount and non discounted products?
  • How does discount adoption vary in the six NACS regions of the United States?
  • What price point correlates with the optimal sales velocity?

With industry shifts occurring on a daily basis, now is the ideal time for CPG brands to have the right promotion strategy for products in independent convenience retail. And with a network of 14,000+ stores in over 50 states, Skupos can help you capitalize on this often overlooked portion of the market.

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