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Webinar: Overcoming Distribution Challenges in Independent Convenient Retail

As distribution challenges continue to plague the market, you might have found yourself asking the following questions: Where is my brand selling? Where is it not? How is my brand performing? And then, what should I do now?

The good news: There are practical data solutions for navigating supply chain challenges. Watch this webinar, to see us discuss how brands can take control of their relationships in independent c-stores, across all distribution channels. We’ll show you how to:

• Build an ideal customer profile to allocate resources amidst constraints
• Identify and action priority stores
• Drive demand with retailers through rebates & programs that motivate them to carry your products
• Offer promotions to create motivation to stock up

Learn more about how to focus distribution resources in the c-store market, and ultimately get into more independent doors. And if you think Skupos can help your brand, don't hesitate to reach out.

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