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SKUPOS for C-Stores

SKUPOS makes C-Stores more profitable.

SKUPOS eliminates 60-75% of the time spent ordering & managing inventory, and drives higher revenues with suggested order quantities based on your stores' specific needs. Save money by reducing unneeded inventory, and earn monthly cash rebates with automated tobacco Scan Data reporting. All for just $20 per month.

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Tools for every aspect of retail business.

Life is better when we work together. SKUPOS is a powerful, intuitive tool to order products, manage inventory, and monitor sales all in one place.

Ordering & Inventory Management

SKUPOS builds orders off of real-time inventory for all of your distributors, while leveraging sales data to help ensure you have the right products in stock, at the right time.

Sales Analytics & Insights

Create, distribute, and review reports regarding all aspects of your retail operations and sales. Discover process optimization opportunities to better serve your customers.

New! Tobacco Scan Data Reporting

SKUPOS does all the work of collecting and sending your stores' tobacco Scan Data to companies like Philip Morris, R.J. Reynolds, and US Smokeless. All you have to do is cash your checks.

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