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Skupos Scan Data

Increase store revenue 6% through scan data programs.

Skupos automates scan data submissions so you can make money while staying focused on your business.

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Earn money through three different data programs.

  • Tobacco Scan Data Incentives

    Increase profits by getting paid for tobacco products scanned at your store.

  • Multi-Pack & Multi-Can Discounts

    Drive more customers to your store through discounted prices on products from major brands.

  • Loyalty Fund Programs

    Compete with neighboring stores by offering the maximum discount from major tobacco brands.

What's required?

Scanning barcode

Barcode Scanner

You are scanning products at the register.

Point-of-sale system connected with electricity to a computer monitor

Supported Point-of-Sale System

You have a Clover, Gilbarco, NCR, or Verifone POS System.

Stopwatch with the hand moving past halfway

Computer Connection

You have an internet connection as well as a Clover device, a Managed Network Service Provider device, or a PC / tablet running Windows 7, 8, or 10 that is connected to your POS (Contact us for help connecting).

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