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C-Stores, Refer Friends

Earn $50 off your subscription for every referral that purchases a Skupos account

Partner Referrals

Skupos enables independent c-stores and small chains to easily increase store revenue and build customer loyalty through enrollment in scan data programs and brand-funded promotions. 

Help other independent and small chain retailers stay competitive with large national chains through the power of discounts. Refer friends and family to Skupos and earn $50 off your subscription per referral* after they purchase an account.

How it works

It's easy - get paid with three quick steps!

1 Fill out the form below

2 We'll contact your referral

3 Receive $50 e-Gift card*

*If your referral purchases a Skupos account, you’ll receive $50 off your subscription by the end of the month in which they sign up. If the store you referred is already a Skupos customer or has already been referred, you will not receive money off your subscription.

Customer Referral Form

“Skupos has been phenomenal, there is no doubt about it. In terms of ease-of-use, it is head and shoulders above anything we work with.”

Director of Convenience
16 Store Chain, Mississippi