From the Cold Vault: 2020 Juice Trends

Skupos has examined trends within the juice category to provide brands with a glimpse into what can be uncovered utilizing actionable insights from independent convenience retail. This report focuses on juice sales and promotions, broken down by brands, regions, and flavors.

From the Cold Vault: 2020 Juice Trends

Small and independent operators represent 76% of the convenience retail market, and yet brands have never had the visibility needed to optimize revenue in this sector. Until now.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • How brands are using promotions to drive sales
  • Which regions present the best opportunities to gain market share
  • What flavors are gaining popularity – and what flavors might have seen better days

Optimize your product distribution, improve your promotional strategy, and maximize your convenience retail revenue – all through access to data from the independent market.

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