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Participate in brand programs to earn revenue by scanning products.

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  • Zero-effort earning
  • Sales insights & shopper trends
  • Shelf-emptying multi-discounts

Scan Data & Engage

Activate exclusive Skupos promotions to increase foot traffic.

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  • All Scan Data features
  • Exclusive promotions access
  • Seamless POS integration
  • Automatic reporting
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“Skupos Engage allows us to offer attractive discounts on products from popular brands that help us be more competitive and continue to grow our business beyond selling fuel.”

Director of IT, 36 Store Chain
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Are you a brand?

Get in touch with a member of our team to discover what Skupos setup is best for your brand. We’ll walk you through our enterprise products built to optimize sales and deepen your operational insights.

Are you a brand?

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All you need to get started is an internet connection, a scanner, and a back office computer, Clover device, or MNSP provider. Our support team will help you through installing Skupos, after which you’ll be able to start scanning and earning more right away.
Check out our Help Center for detailed answers to common questions. Still stuck? Chat with one of our experts or send a message to for further help. We’ll do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.
You’ll need a Clover device, Managed Network Service Provider device, or a PC or tablet running Windows 7/8/10 that is connected to your point of sale. If you don’t have a PC or tablet, there are many affordable options that will be paid off quickly by your extra earnings with Skupos.
We have a team of Integration Specialists who will help you connect your computer to your point of sale for free. All you need is an ethernet cable and adapter.
You do have the ability to gather and submit the data yourself, however with very specific formatting guidelines and regulations, it’s a time consuming process with high room for error, which means money lost. With Skupos, our team takes all of the work off your hands, saving you time and energy. No headaches over reporting errors, just hassle-free revenue.
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