Oct 08, 2018

Rotten Robbie Switches To Skupos, Inc. For Scan Data Analytics Services

Rotten Robbie Switches To Skupos, Inc. For Scan Data Analytics Services

Data Analytics Company Continues to Experience Customer Growth

San Francisco, CA, October 8, 2018 — Today, Skupos, Inc., the leading provider of convenience store data analytics solutions in the country, announced it has been chosen by Rotten Robbie Stores as their Tobacco Scan Data Reporting Provider. The program enrollment went live in their 34 stores in September.

Robinson Oil Company first began as Mathson Petroleum Company circa 1938 in Watsonville, California. They opened the first Rotten Robbie store in 1973. Since then, the progressive family owned and operated business of fueling stations has grown to 34 stores throughout Northern California.

Skupos Tobacco Scan Data Reporting Program enables Rotten Robbie to receive scan incentives from major tobacco companies, as well as offer tobacco products at cheaper prices with multi-pack discounts.

“We are excited to work with Skupos! We think our partnership will keep us competitive in our market by helping us work with the manufacturer’s to maintain the best prices and help us keep our loyal customers coming back,” said Reilly Musser, Vice President of Marketing and Merchandising.

Recently, the industry has seen a huge push to leverage data to better understand their customers needs so they might increase basket size. However, leveraging data on their own has proven to be both time consuming and difficult.

“I was glad to get the responsibility of submitting files off my plate and on to Skupos. Even with a back office provider it was still quite laborious,” said Coleen Stubelt, Rotten Robbie’s IT Director. Skupos Scan Data Viewer allows IT Directors to track all their store’s file submissions that Skupos has submitted on their behalf. The result is they no longer have to pull the weekly file and handle the submission to the manufacturer.

“Rotten Robbie has been a market leader for 80 years; we’re both honored and excited to welcome them onto the Skupos platform to support in current and future data-driven programs. We are looking forward to augmenting their focus on innovation and differentiation through the Skupos platform,” said Jake Bolling, CEO of Skupos.

Rotten Robbie is taking advantage of enrollment in two Skupos services: Tobacco Scan Data Reporting and Multi-Pack Discount Reporting. The discount reporting program allows Rotten Robbie to lower prices on tobacco and receive reimbursement for the discounts offered. Rotten Robbie also uses the Tobacco Scan Data Reporting Program to get paid for most tobacco products scanned at the register.

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