Oct 06, 2021

Skupos Announces Multi-Brand Winter Discount Program ‘Game Day Deals’

Skupos Announces Multi-Brand Winter Discount Program ‘Game Day Deals’

Leading convenience retail technology provider launches promotional bundle on Skupos Engage featuring 5-hour ENERGY®, Nature Valley™, Chex Mix™ and more

Denver, CO (October 6th, 2021) - Skupos, the platform that powers smarter, more profitable retail by connecting independent convenience stores and CPG brands, announced today the launch of its winter discount program, “Game Day Deals.” Building off the success of its “Summer Traffic Jam” program, Skupos hopes to provide opportunities for both brands and retailers to increase revenue during lower traffic winter months. 

For convenience retailers, participation in these types of programs has a proven track record of success. Those that participated in the four  “Summer Traffic Jam” promotions reported $49 in incremental revenue per week or about $196 per month, with 30% of customers returning to purchase discounted items again. Running December 1, 2021 through February 28, 2022, this winter’s “Game Day Deals” program includes even more brand-funded promotions, which will help retailers increase revenue and repeat traffic through the beginning of 2022.

The Game Day Deals program includes the following promotions, plus more!

  • Buy 1 Extra Strength 5-hour ENERGY® shot in Strawberry Banana, Tropical Burst, or Watermelon flavors, get $1.50 off any shot
  • Buy 1 Nature Valley™, get 1 at 50% off
  • 25% off Chex Mix™
  • Buy 2 Chex Mix™ Muddy Buddies™ and/or Gardetto’s, get $2 off
  • Buy 1 Bugles™, get 1 at 50% off
  • Buy 2 Hershey King Size bars, get 3rd for $1
  • Buy 2 Rockstar® 16oz, get $1 off
  • Buy 2 Takis® 9.9oz and/or Takis® Waves 8oz for $6

Skupos will also help stores drive consumer awareness during the promotions by providing signage free of charge.

“At Skupos, we understand that the winter months can mean a slowdown in business for CPG brands and retailers, especially for our network of independent convenience retailers. With the ‘Game Day Deals’ program, our goal is to continue the flow of sales across the entire industry,” Skupos’ Chief Revenue Officer Christine Shriver said. “Given the ‘Summer Traffic Jam’ promotions’ success in increasing repeat customers by 30%, we’re confident that the ‘Game Day Deals’ program will help both groups generate revenue during the holiday season and into 2022.”

Skupos recognizes that CPG brands have difficulty effectively running promotions at scale with limited access to the highly fragmented network of small chain and independent convenience retailers, and aims to help brands close those gaps. Skupos Engage connects brands and small retailers together in order to drive mutually revenue-generating programs. Just as CPG brands lacked access to small and independently-owned convenience stores, the retailers were unable to tap into promotions that could help them compete with larger retailers. Skupos Engage helps cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship that drives revenues for brands and retailers.

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About Skupos:
Skupos drives revenue growth across all segments of the convenience retail industry through technology that connects both retailers and brands to their shoppers. With a focus on independent stores and small chains which make up nearly 80 percent of the market, the Skupos platform enables both retailers and brands by leveraging data and analytics to facilitate better understanding and serving their customers. Founded in 2016, a growing network of 14,000+ customers across all 50 states rely on Skupos to boost sales volume and increase their customer base.

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