Jun 17, 2019

Skupos Unveils Skupos Engage: Frictionless Promotions for Convenience Retail

Skupos Unveils Skupos Engage: Frictionless Promotions for Convenience Retail

San Francisco, CA, June 17, 2019 — Skupos, the data platform for convenience retail, has just unveiled its latest technology, Skupos Engage. The first of its kind, Skupos Engage enables frictionless promotions for convenience retail by connecting retailers with brand-funded discounts through a real-time solution that provides personalized value for consumers.

Skupos Engage connects retailers to brand promotions and delivers discounts directly to the point of sale. Retailers become more competitive and are reimbursed automatically for promotions. Skupos Engage can tailor discounts to each consumer in order to provide optimal value and help retailers offer the best option for their customer base. The program is simple to set up for convenience retailers that are scanning their products, and it is a simple add-on for current Skupos customers.

Brands can utilize Skupos Engage to connect directly with their consumers, improving their value proposition by driving personalized value while building connected data on consumer buying. Participating brands get SKU-level visibility and can drive outcome targeting through promotional offers in a way never before possible in the convenience retail industry. Skupos Engage monitors product performance and allows brands to drill down by geography, category, and segment.

"The flexibility of Skupos Engage allows brands to customize solutions for their consumers—whether it's dollars off, quantity discounts, BOGO, or even direct integration with a brand’s existing loyalty program," said Zack Kimball, Vice President of Strategy at Skupos. "This technology operates unlike anything else on the market and creates a huge competitive advantage for our retailers. Skupos Engage is a major step towards our mission to harness data to enable a frictionless connection between people and the products they need."

The Skupos platform tracks billions of dollars in transactions each month for retailers, distributors, and brands. The existing technology leverages big data to drive insights and increase revenue across their network of over 7,000 retail locations. And the Skupos customer base is growing rapidly in partnership with global CPG brands, national wholesale distributors, and regional bottling networks.

“Skupos Engage is a tangible reinforcement of the innovation Skupos continues to bring to the market,” said Jake Bolling, Chief Executive Officer at Skupos. “We are excited to provide valuable insight into consumer purchasing behavior across the CPG supply chain, enabling both deployment and tracking of trade marketing spend in real-time at the point of sale, and driving improved value for the entire ecosystem.”

About Skupos
Skupos is the data platform for convenience retail. We record billions of dollars in transactions every month for forward-thinking retailers, brands, and distribution partners. We offer data analytics tools assisting thousands of stores in all 50 states across the US. Our software unlocks efficiencies by collecting data at the point of sale to provide a foundation for data-driven decisions across the industry.

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