Skupos Predict

Bring the power of artificial intelligence to your supply chain.

Skupos predictive ordering evaluates sales data in real time, then incorporates additional factors like weather and sporting events to provide distributors with the most accurate orders in the industry.

How does Predictive Ordering work?

Retailer scan data is processed in real time by Skupos software

Skupos data scientists factor weather, events, traffic, and more

Skupos produces accurate delivery recommendations

Distributors deliver the recommended products to stores

Results from Skupos Predictive Ordering.

Accuracy Improvement

Reduce expired items by keeping just the right amount of product

Revenue Increase

Increase revenue by selling the products consumers want

Out-of-Stock Reduction

Reduce out-of-stocks by ordering products at exactly the right time

Time Savings

Free up time that managers and sales reps can use for other tasks

Who does Predictive Ordering benefit?

Skupos predictive technology adds value for all players in the convenience retail industry.


Accurate orders for c-stores means increased revenue by merchandising the right products at the right time, reducing out-of-stocks, and offering fewer expired products.

DSD Distributors

Successful DSD distribution today starts with accurate technology. Predictive ordering solutions revolutionize outdated manual processes to drive efficiency and accuracy, increasing revenue and reducing cost.

Wholesale Distributors

Wholesalers who work more closely with their customers have been shown to have better success - leveraging predictive orders with convenience retailers leads to revenue growth through optimized selection and volume.

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