Skupos supports Altria's tobacco scan data programs to help retailers make the most of their scan data.

Gain access to scan data incentives and get paid for items you already scan every day. Our customer success team will work with you to enroll you in the multi-pack program so you can compete with larger chains.

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Which Altria Programs Does Skupos Support?

  • Scan Data Incentives Program

    • Skupos helps retailers receive scan incentives from Altria for the nearly every tobacco item scanned at the register.
  • Multi-Pack Discount Program

    • Skupos helps stores offer discounts when consumers purchase multiple tobacco products, then Skupos enables retailers to be reimbursed automatically from Altria.
  • Loyalty Fund Program

    • Skupos enables stores to offer loyalty discounts in addition to multi-pack discounts, which leads to the lowest possible prices. Skupos reports transactions to Altria so retailers receive reimbursement automatically.