Transform your convenience retail strategy.

Skupos Insights provides increased transparency into the convenience retail market through accurate and rich scan data, allowing you to gain greater insight for better business decisions.

Why Skupos?

With over 14,000 small chains and independent convenience retailers on the platform, Skupos provides greater visibility into the previously hard to access convenience retail market from true scan data.

Skupos continuously and automatically combines, cleans, and standardizes over 10 million transactions per day into a single, secure database for real‑time analysis and reporting.

Customize regions according to business models to create strategies based on own regional markets, tiers of customers, or sales centers

Real‑time actionable insights.


Optimize pricing, distribution, product, and promotion strategies


Develop plans to answer the competition


Understand consumer behavior


Track success of new product introductions

Uncover growth opportunities.

  • Product performance

  • Competitive insight

  • Category analysis

  • Distribution evaluation

  • Pricing strategy

  • Promotion effectiveness

  • Shelf space optimization

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