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Skupos Engage

Skupos Engage

Deploy, measure and optimize promotions across thousands of independent c-stores through a single platform.

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Skupos Insights

Skupos Insights

Understand product performace, market share, and consumer behavior through real-time data from the point of sale across our network.

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Did you know that 96.5% of independent and small chain convenience stores carry 20oz Coca-Cola but only 63% offer discounts?

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3 Case Studies from Successful Convenience Store Promotional Programs

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In our latest webinar, we’ll walk you through how customers like JUUL, 5-hour ENERGY®, and more executed programs that:

Check MarkEncouraged additional buying behavior
Check MarkIncentivized sampling of new products
Check MarkFormulated better partnerships between brands and independent retailers

Regain control over revenue with complete visibility into trade promotions and product performance

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Innovation Product Trends in Convenience Retail

Small and independent operators represent 76% of convenience retail, and yet this market has been traditionally overlooked due to its fragmented nature. Skupos aggregates this market, providing access like never before. 

This blog post takes a look at new product introductions from top CPG brands throughout 2020 and 2021, including products from brands like Bud Light, Cheetos, Monster, Lays, and more. Learn more about how a shift in consumer buying behavior, retailer choices, distributor activity, and supply chain challenges has led to a roller coaster of a year in product innovation.

How Hostess and Little Debbie Could Sweeten the Deal in Independent Convenience

If this data looks different, that’s because it is. Skupos connects the largest network of independently owned and small chain convenience stores with CPG brands so that they can optimize their promotional strategies, grow revenue, and better understand consumer purchase behavior. 

In this report, we’ve taken a closer look at how Hostess and Little Debbie performed in independent convenience retail in 2020. In this sweet snacks showdown, we’ll deep dive into market share, pricing, and market baskets.

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2020 Energy Drink Performance in Independent Convenience Retail

Skupos delivers an unrivaled depth and quality of independent convenience retail sales data with unparalleled analytics. 

Our latest data report focuses on the energy drink category, with an emphasis on promotions. Learn more about how regional differences present different opportunities for top energy drink brands, and dive into promotion take rates by brand and by region.

Bottled Water Price Elasticity Analysis in Independent Convenience Retail

As leaders in the independent c-store market, Skupos tapped into our network of over 14,000 stores nationwide to pull together insights into how Dasani, Aquafina, and Nestle Water’ product velocity is impacted by pricing.

Check out this quick pricing analysis for a taste of how Skupos can optimize your brand’s convenience retail business.

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