Enabling frictionless promotions for convenience retail.

  • Retailers offer brand-funded discounts to drive volume and offer competitive pricing.
  • Consumers get access to great discounts from their favorite CPG brands.
  • Brands get to connect with their consumers and improve product value.

Skupos Engage provides retailers with access to an exclusive network of brand discounts on items that consumers purchase every day.

Consumers respond to promotions. Offering access to discounts through Skupos Engage gives retailers a competitive edge and drives more foot traffic to increase revenue. Brands can take advantage of consumer communication through text messaging to notify consumers about the latest deals.

Why should I sign up?

  1. Offer exclusive brand discounts to your loyal customers.
  2. Increase foot traffic and drive repeat business with great deals.
  3. Installation is easy and there are no long-term commitments.

How does Skupos Engage work?

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How do I get it at my store?

Skupos Engage is a simple add-on for stores that are already set up with Skupos. Once approved, discounts will be applied automatically at the register each time a consumer enters their mobile phone number.

Our team will walk you through the setup process. Skupos Engage is an easy add-on for retailers who are already set up with Skupos. Just give our customer support team a call at (650) 250-4700 and let them know you’d like to enroll in Skupos Engage.

Add Engage for only $29/mo more per store.