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SKUPOS for Distributors

The right shipments at the right place & time.

Sales are good. Out-of-stocks are not. For the first time ever, SKUPOS gives distributors real-time insight into store inventory levels, in-process orders, and product velocity to understand customer product needs before they happen. Your salesforce can spend less time counting inventory on-site, and more time doing what they do best: Creating value for your customers.

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Rethinking Distribution

SKUPOS is a new kind of distribution platform—a radically simple approach to ordering, built with modern technology but designed just for our industry. By spreading real-time data across your organization, SKUPOS makes it possible for everyone to make better decisions.

Real-Time Account Inventory

No more waiting or guessing. SKUPOS enables you to see all of your inventory, in all of your accounts, anywhere, at anytime. Say goodbye to out-of-stocks and missed sales opportunities.

Data-Driven Distribution

SKUPOS works with your team to develop restock thresholds, automatically building orders as products move off the shelves. For DSD distributors, our order builder uses your knowledge and store inventory levels to auto-fill orders, allowing your salesforce to spend less time counting and more time selling.

Be The Hero

SKUPOS isn't just for distributors -- our solution saves C-Stores time and helps them make more money. Using SKUPOS shows your retail customers that you're a true partner in their success. Make SKUPOS a key competitive advantage for your business.

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