Skupos for Brands

Supercharged insights for the offline world.

Skupos records, cleanses, and analyzes billions of transactions in c-stores across the country, giving you real-time insight into your product sales.

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Go from think to know with Skupos.

Life is better when we work together. Skupos is a powerful, intuitive tool that gives brands insight into what's happening in convenience stores carrying their products.

Real-time, SKU-level tracking

For the first time, be able to view product sales, distribution velocity, and current inventory at C-Stores carrying your goods. Drill down by location, category, or SKU. Be the first to know about problems, not the last.

Trends & insights

Monitor product performance in the market as it correlates to other changes, like weather, holidays, and sporting events. Understand where and why your product performs best, and leverage market data to increase sales elsewhere.

All together now

Skupos is built not only to deliver insights to brands, but also to streamline operations for retailers and distributors. By using Skupos, you demonstrate to your business partners that you're invested in their long-term success.