Skupos for Brands

Supercharged insights for the offline world.

Skupos records, cleanses, and analyzes billions of transactions in c-stores across the country, giving you real-time insight into your product sales. We offer customizable solutions that provide visibility into the CPG supply chain, connecting CPG brands directly to their consumers in thousands of retail locations in all 50 states.

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Go from think to know with Skupos.

Skupos is a powerful, intuitive tool that gives brands insight into what's happening in convenience stores carrying their products.

Real-time, SKU-level tracking

For the first time, be able to view sales, velocity, and average prices at retailers carrying your products. Drill down by location, category, or SKU. Be the first to know how your product portfolio is actually performing.

Identify trends & insights

Monitor product performance with clear visibility into consumer behavior directly at the point of sale. Understand where and why your product performs best, and leverage market data to increase sales elsewhere.

Personalized value to drive outcomes

The Skupos platform creates clear visibility into consumer buying behavior over time with versatile outcome targeting, no matter the goal. Skupos Engage delivers personalized value to each consumer based on that consumer’s buying history with your brand, enabling optimal promotion targeting.