Feb 23, 2022

Want Repeat Customers? Don’t Overlook Technology

Want Repeat Customers? Don’t Overlook Technology

Customers typically follow certain rhythms, dropping into a shop before work, on their lunch break, before catching the evening commuter train or walking home from the gym. Maybe it isn’t every day they stop in, but it’s often most days – and frequently during the same time periods, to purchase similar items. Have a nice day. See you tomorrow. Wash, rinse, repeat.

The problem for independent c-store owners of late: Due to massive supply chain disruptions driven by the pandemic, retailers and brands have had trouble stocking repeat inventory and keeping small shops supplied with products that keep customers coming back. Because these issues aren’t expected to disappear soon, independent c-store owners should consider an option they may not have realized can be helpful in these circumstances: technology.

Here are a handful of ways tech can help independent c-store owners earn repeat business:

Tracking store performance

Tapping into store data is the easiest way to track the sales performance of your products. With access to trends and data about what’s selling, what’s not selling and why, c-store owners can identify patterns of behavior and act upon them to optimize sales, shelf space and storage. Store data also allows managers to be strategic about what to order, which is crucial during a supply chain crisis when delivery times aren’t guaranteed. 

Creating personalized loyalty programs

Customers are likely to return to a store if they can collect rewards and earn freebies. That’s why they enjoy loyalty programs – especially those that are personalized for them. An Oracle study found that customers are OK with their shopping habits being tracked if data collection is for the purpose of personalizing a loyalty program.

Participating in brand-funded promotions

Retailers can participate in brand-funded promotions in order to stay price competitive. What’s more, competitively priced items results in larger basket sizes through encouraging customers to purchase items they normally wouldn’t think to purchase. It’s a great way for customers to snag a deal and for retailers to expand their product offerings. To facilitate these types of brand-funded promotional programs, Skupos Engage offers seamless integration at the register and exclusive promotions.

Advances in technology have made it possible for convenience store owners to attract and retain repeat customers, even during challenging times. To learn more, contact Skupos and ask how we can help your independent c-store generate more repeat business.

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