Dec 19, 2022

New Year, New Store - Maximize Your Skupos Subscription

New Year, New Store - Maximize Your Skupos Subscription

As the year approaches an end, our minds begin to reflect on what has happened in 2022. As you start your new year, take a minute to look back on how far your business has come, and where you’re headed next. If you're ready to level up your store in 2023, let’s help you build a framework to do so!

How to Get the Most Out of Your Skupos Subscription

Here at Skupos, the success of your business matters to us. We want to help you achieve your goals for 2023, whatever they may be, so we’ve pulled together three best practices that you can implement into your daily business.

1. Your Team Is Your Competitive Edge

The people you work with serve as one of your most valuable assets. Every month, dedicate time to communicate with your employees about programs that are running through Skupos Engage. This way, employees can establish a dialogue with customers to build awareness of discounts on best-selling products. Consumers are often swayed by a good deal, so actively promoting these offers can influence buying behavior in your store. 

2. The Art of Signage

With every brand-funded promotion you’re enrolled in, you will receive signage to display throughout the store. Ensuring that signage is always prominently displayed is another simple way to inform customers about upcoming promotions. Signage serves as a wonderful point of reference when you’re communicating with customers, and statistics show that stores that place their promotional signage are 3x more likely to run successful promotions. 

3. Be Elite!

In order for your store to be the most successful year round, it’s crucial that you regularly check your Skupos dashboard to see what promotions and programs are available to you. Your dashboard provides a comprehensive way to view all current promotions and programs in real-time, so you can stay up to date with enrollment deadlines, promotion dates, and more. Other ways to become a top performing store include regularly checking emails from Skupos, enrolling and participating in programs, staying online with CloudSync, and utilizing Skupos’ free support when needed! Stores that are taking these steps are maximizing their earnings - averaging between an additional $621 - $1515 per month!

We want to help you take the first step to transforming your store in 2023. And as an added gift for you this holiday season - when you refer a friend to Skupos, you will earn $50 off your Skupos subscription! The gift that keeps on giving.

The Skupos team wishes you a happy and prosperous new year! The opportunities ahead of you this year are immense, and we look forward to helping your business grow as much as possible.

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