Nov 18, 2022

Skupos Insights Deep Dive with Senior Product Manager: Carolyn Chupa

Skupos Insights Deep Dive with Senior Product Manager: Carolyn Chupa

Convenience stores make up a $278 billion industry, with 70% of sales coming from smaller chains and independent stores. Before Skupos, visibility into sales performance at independent stores was nearly impossible. In Q3 2022, Skupos relaunched its Insights product to provide brands with even greater visibility. Skupos Insights now includes 11+ dashboards that help brands solve a variety of use cases ranging from distribution, price elasticity, geographic trends, and optimized pricing. We sat down with our product manager, Carolyn Chupa, to give you an insider’s look at the new dashboards! 

Q. Hi, Carolyn! Thanks for joining us again. Last time we spoke, you were preparing for the initial relaunch of Skupos Insights and you gave us an awesome overview of the product as a whole. Today, we’re hoping to get a more in-depth perspective of your favorite dashboard and how brands can leverage Skupos’ data. 

I think it’s safe to say that you know the Skupos Insights product better than anyone. Before we dive into the fun stuff, can you share a brief overview of Skupos Insights and what makes it stand out from other vendors?

A. Skupos Insights is made up of over 10 dashboards that allow brands to see performance at a macro and micro level. Brands can tap into metrics like dollar sales, basket size, and sales by region. You can even pinpoint which stores are helping or hurting your growth and identify where you should take action. 

What makes Skupos stand out from other vendors is the uniqueness of our data. Skupos captures and cleans data from over 15,000 independent retail locations and transforms it into usable insights. Brands can then leverage these insights by launching promotions and rebate programs that encourage retailer action. 

Q. Skupos Insights has so much to offer, but if you had to choose your favorite dashboard, what would it be and why?

A. It’s tough to choose just one, but I think I’d have to go with the Metric Explorer. This dashboard allows brands to deep dive into sales metrics at a category level, all the way down to the product level, and across certain store attributes. It has so much to offer brands in terms of its versatility with the output of data

Q. How can brands use the Metric Explorer? 

A. The dashboard provides SO many sales metrics in a table format: Category Dollar Share, Subcategory Dollar Share, Dollar Sales, Unit Sales, Dollar Velocity, Unit Velocity, Price, Average Basket Spend, Basket Size, # SKUs, and the associated % changes YoY. 

Users can select two product dimensions and filter in/out what they want included in the report. You can also group the data based on store dimensions, whether it is by all stores, by region, or by state. This allows brands to easily compare data at certain product levels and easily compare performance against competitors. 

The best part is that these tables can be exported, allowing users to share their findings with colleagues and conduct additional analyses. 

Q. Every brand is so unique and leverages insights in a different way. If a brand wanted to customize the dashboards even further, is that something Skupos offers?

A. Depending on the client’s tier, brands do have the ability to customize UPC attributes or store attributes. In terms of report customization, we’re taking feedback from our clients as we roll out these new reports and will be making product updates accordingly!

Q. We could go on all day asking about the remaining dashboards, but we’ll wrap it up with one final question. Can you give us any teasers of what to expect from Skupos Insights within the coming months?

A. We currently have four new dashboards in the works: 

  • Target distribution opportunities within the Skupos retail network
  • Identify stores where your brand can improve share
  • Analyze market basket pairings
  • Distribution explorer, which is similar to the Metric Explorer but with distribution-focused metrics

We’re so excited to roll these out to our brand clients and make the Insights product even more impactful than it already is!

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