Feb 01, 2019

How Does the Super Bowl Affect Convenience Store Sales?

How Does the Super Bowl Affect Convenience Store Sales?

Skupos analyzed sales data to identify which additional products store owners should have on hand in advance of Super Bowl weekend. Sales of certain products increased significantly, including beer (30–50%) and lottery (15–20%), while other products increased only marginally, including energy and soda (5–15% each) and game snacks (0–5%).

Skupos helps c-stores leverage their sales data to drive profitability and enables stores to automatically take advantage of brand incentive programs, such as tobacco incentives. We also conduct research from our extensive convenience retail network to help our retailers discover better business opportunities, especially in light of major events.



Skupos ran a sales model for 719 stores throughout the United States before Super Bowl LII in 2018. We compared the 3 days prior to Super Bowl Sunday against control data, which was a two week time period before February 1st. During these periods, we analyzed average daily sales of the 100 top selling products.

Skupos observed sales increases of up to 80% on specific products and recommends that stores consider 4 major categories before the big game: stock up on packaged beer, be sure to have lottery tickets on hand, ensure strong stock of soda and energy singles, and maintain a normal stock of snack products.

As always, these recommendations apply generally across our diverse base of retailers — each retail location is unique and these conclusions may not apply to a specific location. View your Skupos dashboard to see more insights about your specific stores.

Packaged Beer Sales Surge Leading Up to the Super Bowl

In the days leading up to the Super Bowl, packaged beer sales explode. Sales of popular light beers such as Bud Light increased 30–50%, depending on the package size, with sales of larger packages increasing more than smaller packages. Sales of the top-performing imported beers, such as Corona, increase a whopping 70–80%.


Retailers should consider stocking up on domestic light beers and imports, as well as repositioning displays to make these products more prominent during Super Bowl weekend. For example, a retailer that sells 4 packs per day may want to consider stocking enough to sell 6–7 packs per day.

C-Store Customers Hope to Win Off the Field with Lottery

In the days leading up to the Super Bowl, lottery sales increased by 15–20%. Sales on popular lotto such as Money Mania, Neon Cash, and Big Money increased 30–60%. Blowout tickets held the top-performing spot in terms of dollars sold and increased ~10% compared to prior weeks. Retailers should expect heavier lotto customer traffic during Super Bowl weekend as shoppers are hoping to win off the field.

Soda and Energy Show a Modest Increase in Advance of the Big Game

Leading up to the Super Bowl, energy and soda sales increased by up to 20%. Red Bull products increased between 5% and 20% depending on flavor. Monster Energy saw only a marginal increase in sales at ~1% but held the top spot in dollar volume. Increases in soda sales also occurred leading up to the Super Bowl with 20 oz bottles, in particular, showing increases of 3–12%. Retailers should consider stocking more than just beer during the Super Bowl as other single-pack beverages perform well.

Snacks and Candy Show Varied Changes in C-Stores

Few snack and candy products made it into the top 100 leading up to the Super Bowl. Common sweet snacks such as Little Debbie Fudge Rounds, and Little Debbie Honey Buns were down ~5% over the weekend, while chocolate candy such as Reese’s King Size Peanut Butter Cups were up ~15%. These products are commonly purchased in prior weeks as well and considered popular c-store snacks but not often associated with the Super Bowl. Sales of more stereotypical Super Bowl salty snacks, such as Doritos Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips and Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream Potato Chips, remained flat during the Super Bowl weekend. Overall, average sales of snack products increase by about 5–10% relative to prior weeks, which is consistent with the broader increase in c-store sales during the Super Bowl period.



Skupos data shows that the 2018 Super Bowl drove sales to increase between 5% and 50% for a number of major categories, including beer, lottery, soda, and energy. These patterns are consistent and can be expected to repeat over the 2019 Super Bowl weekend, so Skupos recommends that stores stock up accordingly.

Forthcoming coverage will analyze how CPG brand’s Super Bowl commercial advertising affects c-store sales performance. Stay tuned for this related Super Bowl piece later this spring!

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